Vote for Earth

If you’re voting for the environment this year, your candidate of choice should be clear.

Over the past four years, we’ve witnessed President Donald Trump call climate change a hoax, take steps to remove the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement and refute science. Because of President Trump’s lack of commitment to the environment, the 2020 presidential election will be an important one for an abundance of reasons, with environmental issues at stake.

At this point, a vote—or lack thereof—for anyone other than Biden would be a vote towards Trump, and a vote towards irreversible climate change. Many liberal-leaning voters who are unsatisfied with both presidential candidates are choosing to “settle for Biden,” a phrase that progressive Americans have been using to describe the moral dilemma of voting for Biden (despite his actions in the past), simply because he is not Trump. If you’re someone who simply refuses to vote this year because of the stale presidential candidates, perhaps a look at Biden’s environmental policies will change your mind.

While environmental issues are the least of President Trump’s concerns, Former Vice President Joe Biden considers climate change an emergency, and environmental issues a priority. Not only has Biden promised to rejoin the Paris climate agreement he has also promised to end the Keystone XL pipeline project, reinstate Arctic National Wildlife Refuge protections, and will seek to collaborate with other countries to try to get China to stop exporting fossil fuel projects. President Trump, on the other hand, favors the Keystone XL pipelines and supports the growth of the fossil fuel industry. 

Additionally, Biden has proposed spending $2 trillion in an attempt to reach zero emissions by the year 2050 and plans to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035. Unsurprisingly, President Trump has not announced a plan to combat climate change. While visiting California earlier this year amid the devastating wildfires, President Trump revealed his skepticism that climate change was to blame for the natural disasters. “It’ll start getting cooler. You just, you just watch,” said Trump.

It’s no secret that the environment is under severe strain—we’ve seen this through unprecedented wildfires, consistently rising record temperatures and a global pandemic, to name a few. A vote for President Trump is a leap towards the exponential increase of climate change and irreversible environmental damage. A vote for Former Vice President Joe Biden is the first step in the long walk to heal Earth and undo decades of environmental harm. This year, we have to vote like our world depends on it, because it does.

By Talulla Torthe


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