Love is cruel.

It is unfair and vile,

It leaves you in the dirt,

And tricks you into thinking

That it was forever.

Love is inconsiderate.

It takes and it takes,

From whoever it desires.

It never gives a warning,

It likes to watch you suffer.

Love is temporary.

It always ends in the worst ways.

Death and betrayal,

Lying and fighting,

And it laughs while you cry.

But love is beautiful.

It shows itself in red and pink,

It creates hope

In places where there wasn't any before.

It paints pictures in shades of gold.

Love is bright.

It shines even in the darkest nights.

It guides you out of the pitch-black

And shows you the entire world

From a different view.

Love is graceful.

It dances through a storm,

With beauty and poise.

It embraces you gently

But still keeps you safe.

Love is a mountain.

You realize the struggle was worth everything

Once you made it to the top

But it wasn't easy.

Love gives you an obstacle

And tells you to get around it

And that on the other side

Is the person that will stand by you

Through all the bad things.

Love is complicated.

It is messy and painful,

Heartbreaking and terrifying,

But it is wonderful and virtuous,

Patient and protective.

Love is undeniable.

By Cameron Etayo


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