The Show Must Go On

As the year 2020 comes to an end, it’s obvious to say nothing went as planned. We faced problem after problem all while trying to continue living our lives as normally as possible, and when we were faced with tough challenges, we started becoming more creative than ever, using art to communicate what we were no longer able to do previously. From the fashion world, to music, all the way down to education, we made almost everything possible. If I were to have a phrase for 2020--a positive one at least--I would say, “The Show Must Go On.”

“The future of the fashion calendar is uncertain. Each day offers new challenges for designers and their teams to overcome amid a health pandemic, an economic depression, and a global social justice movement. Planning for the next season is no longer business as usual, but small steps are being made,” said Elise Browchuk from Vogue. Shifting the whole format from runways to computer screens is just one huge step towards adapting to this year’s obstacles. Designers were faced with a problem, as a new season was approaching and Fashion week looking dreadful, they took “The show must go on” to another level. By using the technology available, they made the fashion experience just as immersive as it would’ve been if we were to sit in the front seat at a fashion show. Not only high fashion, but smaller shops and businesses are taking their work online.

According to Statista, “Retail websites generated 14.34 billion visits in March 2020, up from 12.81 billion global visits in January 2020. Due to many shelter-at-home orders and a desire to avoid crowded stores in places where it is possible to shop, consumers have turned to the internet to procure everyday items such as groceries or toilet paper.” Being online isn’t something new either, many people have started their own business behind a computer screen. Ever since March, people have spent more time surfing the web looking for what they need, turning them to brand new shops and less expensive solutions for what they would’ve found in stores. Sometimes they find completely online exclusive items, making smaller online brands on websites like Etsy and Depop gain more recognition.

One thing that affects everyone here at Alfred is how much education has changed. The semester is ending, and we all managed to keep our heads up and masks on. All while attending our classes both online and in person. Yeah, some things were lost, but that’s expected if we want to keep this show moving. The Fall semester has had its trial and errors, but we are looking forward to the spring semester. Hopefully, we will be able to have more things under control and our classes can become more interactive. Dean of the School of Business Mark Lewis says he’s excited for what the Spring semester holds for students. He says that next semester in BUSI105, business students will team up with both engineering and art students to create something unique to Alfred University.

By Isa Hamilton


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