The Perfect Winter Playlist: Late Nights

Ever since I heard The News by Party Next Door, I have been obsessed with recreating the dark atmosphere that song creates. That was in late December of 2019 when it was cold out and I was driving back home. I added a few songs here and there but the playlist began to take form in 2020. The first few tracks are far more energetic compared to the rest of the tracks, spacey, psychedelic, and more lively. They would make you want to turn up in the whip, at least that’s the hope. The following tracks are more alternative R&B with dark undertones, the ones that make you reminisce about your exes. The last handful of tracks close out the playlist in a succinct way. I tried not to delve too deep into the method behind the madness because I want the listener to be the judge of the tracks and most people will probably listen to it in shuffle anyways. This is all to say I tried to bring together songs with a similar dark aesthetic but there’s some variety. Here are some of the artists that make an appearance on the playlist: Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, The Weekend, Drake, Giveon, Denzel Curry, Brent Faiyaz, H.E.R, SZA, and Summer Walker.

Link to the playlist:

By Alpha Bah


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