The Lost Lovers Of The Brick

Most, if not all, of us are familiar with The Brick. Y’know, that creepy looking building by the creek that most of the art students reside in? Did you know The Brick has a fascinating history behind it? Luckily, I have the inside scoop.

The Brick is infamous for its rumors of “being haunted.” Whether you believe in ghosts or not, I can promise you the story behind the ghosts roaming The Brick will intrigue you. In order to know these ghosts you must first know the history behind The Brick.

The Brick was originally a Civil War hospital. The structure of The Brick pretty much stayed the same over the years until there was a fire on its top floors. This caused the top floors to go through a remodel while the bottom floors stayed the same. What does this have to do with The Brick being haunted you may ask? An anonymous person came forward to be interviewed about their experiences in The Brick for this article. This person's experiences with the ghosts have been up close and for the most part intense.

During the first semester of their freshman year, this person resided on the first floor of The Brick. They claimed during the middle of the night they could hear what sounded like aggressively heavy footsteps along with breathing coming from outside of their door. The doorknob would rattle and on occasion would completely open and slam shut. They said, due to the deep noises and strange dreams they had, they could recognize that this presence was a male one--most likely a Civil War soldier.

In the second semester they moved up to the second floor hoping to move into a ghost-free room. Although the male presence would not be there, there was something else in store for them. Neighbors of theirs, and those who lived down the hall of the second floor, claimed that while at class, objects would be moved from their original spots. Occasionally objects would quite literally be flung to the other side of the room in the middle of the night or they would wake up with scratches on their body. The dreams the anonymous source was having became more vivid on this floor; they claimed to have seen a woman dressed in, what they assumed to be, a Civil War nurse outfit who would yell at them asking, “where her lover had gone.”

My main takeaway from interviewing this anonymous source, and others who claimed objects in their room would move, is that these ghosts aren’t necessarily angry. They’re lovers who cannot find each other due to the structure of the building being remodeled.They’re confused and have unfinished business.

When dealing with hauntings it is important to remember the context in which the ghosts lived. Ghosts aren’t always out to get you, sometimes they’re just trying to find the missing piece of their past.

By Leo Bonaccio


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