The Future of Sports at AU

Just last week, positive COVID-19 cases almost doubled from the previous week. Data shows that 85% of these positive cases came from student athletes here on campus, further postponing all extracurricular and sports activities for another 10 days, leaving students and faculty frustrated and worried about what the future of AU holds.

As a lot of people on and off campus have been wearing masks, keeping a social distance, and abiding by all COVID-19 rules and regulations. Others have not, preventing AU from having another successful semester, with cases almost twice as high within 3 weeks of the Spring semester than all last Fall semester. Are students too comfortable with the pandemic and last semester's success to realize that COVID-19 is still an issue? Or do they not realize the stakes they’re putting both their sports seasons and campus in?

“I believe student athletes are the role models of our school,” said Sophomore Matthew Hibbert. “I find it shocking that most positive cases are from us, considering all of us want to compete and practice this semester. I know for myself, I’m dying to get back to the tennis courts and be with my teammates again.”

Because of the rising cases, AU President Zupan has decided to postpone all sports and extracurriculars until February 16, however, at the rate we’re going, both students and faculty believe all sports seasons could get cancelled for the remainder of the semester, along with the possibility of campus getting shut down completely.

“The last thing I want is to get shut down again. Online classes aren't even the worst of the situation, I just want my season back. I hope everyone learns from these rising cases and decides to take it more seriously, otherwise we’re all going home,” said Hibbert.

There is still plenty of time to get back on track and start taking COVID-19 seriously, along with wearing face coverings and always keeping a social distance. If all student athletes come together and agree to make wiser decisions, then the future of both sports seasons and campus staying open is hopeful.. The future of AU stands in both athletes and students' hands.

“I will continue to have faith in AU and our student athletes, but students, in general. I believe we have the power to keep our school open and have another successful semester if we all contribute and come together as one,” said Hibbert.

By Kailey Reyes


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