The Dullahan

Don’t go into the woods tonight, don’t travel along the roads. The night is dark and black and cold; rain is drowning the moors.

Stay by the fire tonight, stay where there’s joy and laughter. For a monster rides on the roads tonight and he’ll steal you from the hereafter.

The deathless one, he rides without cease. A cursed soul forced to roam. The Dullahan, your end to meet on some cold dark lonely road.

When he calls your name, head clasped in his hands, your mortal soul this shell shall flee.

There is a howling on the moors tonight, stay safe at home with me.

Still you insist on leaving, still you say you must go. Then heed my warning, listen to my words one last time before you go.

Shining gold is his only aversion, it burns his skin like acid. Don’t leave without your necklace tonight. Stay safe, come home to me.

By: Laura Johnson


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