Tennis Takes on Sage

Last weekend, the Women’s Tennis team took a loss against Russell Sage College, however, it was a strong start to their Spring season. Head Coach Jordan Crouch and Assistant Coach Tori Pelligrino claim that, “[they] were incredibly proud of how [the] team played. Every player took everything they worked on the past couple of weeks and applied it to their match–-everyone came together and showed great success.”

Freshmen Anna Gwordz won her singles match with a final score of 2-6, 4-1, ending with a forfeit from her opponent. “I played well and was excited to be back competing. I learned a lot and will take this to my next match and continue working hard,” Gwordz said.

During Gwordz’s and Senior Cassondra Mark’s doubles match, they won with a final score of 8-4. They helped each other stay motivated by encouraging one another after every point and staying focused throughout the match. “There were some shots that could have been better and overall, I did not play as well as I wanted, however, I’m proud of the outcome – we really pushed ourselves and came out with a positive result,” said Mark.

Another win for the Saxon’s was Freshmen Kimberly Rauber, with a winning score of 6-4, 6-3. She started the first set strong and continued staying focused, ensuring the win by not backing down with each point. “I really enjoyed competing, it was nice to play collegiately again. The team’s energy was something that, also, helped me remain motivated and focused throughout every point,” Rauber said.

Despite the overall losing score of 3-6, every player worked hard and applied their weeks of training to each of their matches. With their next match being March 20th against Utica Pioneers, everyone is continuously striving for success during their practices and taking what they learned and applying it to their work ethic on and off the court. For upcoming matches, check out the GoSaxons website and watch future livestream games to cheer them on remotely.

“I was so excited to watch everyone play well. It has been a long time coming and I know our team was itching to play some great competition against some other schools. I was really pleased with our effort and communication as a team during these matches, particularly in doubles play. Congratulations to each of our first-years for getting their first of many collegiate wins,” said Coach Crouch.


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