Surviving College Pt.2

I'm running,


out of breath-

This marathon of life.

A rest,

a break

is all I want,

But there's no end in sight.

"Don't go too fast

through life!" they say.

I wish, I want,

I try.

At night I rush

through mounds of work,

hurrying to bed

Only 'cause I know

in morning

the race will start again.

Speed to the store,

slurp up my food...

I just don't have the time.

I'm learning in class

the pleasures of life;

Thoreau says,

don't work 'till you die.

I sit in class

and ponder this,

my planner by my side.

Its pages are filled-

tasks and to-dos-

with classwork

and what Thoreau writes.

By Dale Mott Slater


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