Students’ feedback makes AU better

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

“Pizza with President Zupan!”, which was held in the Link between Tefft and Moskowitz Residence Hall on Nov. 5, was a good opportunity to talk about AU’s improvements.

“This is very beneficial to keep finding out what students are concerned about, and how I could improve the campus,” AU President Mark Zupan said.

The event is held once a month in different locations on campus at 6 p.m. for students and Zupan to exchange their ideas on making AU better. Zupan borrowed the idea from another president, and he has been holding them for three years now, he said.

The event started with self-introductions of students. Fourteen students from different years and majors attended it and talked with each other.

Besides introductions, they talked about the best thing they like about AU. Most of them said that people in AU are kind and close to each other. Others said AU’s location is best because it is not so big, calm, slow and a suitable place for study.

“Once you become successful and you are gonna make your first million-dollar gift to Alfred University, what are you gonna invest in to make us better?” Zupan asked.

Some students answered that they will improve parking, equipment for their sports club and technological systems, such as computers and printers. Other students said that they will use the money for a scholarship for minority students and open up opportunities for internships for all any majors and minors.

Moreover, the event reveals that many students eager to change AU’s food system. AU’s food system keeps serving the same meals, one student said. Many students said they hope AU will start serving more diverse food, such as food from different cultures.

Those who attended the event seemed to enjoy sharing their experiences and ideas with Zupan and other students.

“If we don’t hear the feedback, we cannot fix it,” said Kimberly Guyer, AU Vice President of Student Affairs.

Next “Pizza with President Zupan!” will be held in the Brick Residence Hall on Dec. 5.


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