Student Spotlight: Tanyesha Darkins

For our second Student Spotlight piece, we have Sophomore Tanyesha Darkins. Tanyesha is an Art and Design major with an undecided interest in what she hopes to do after college, however, wants to keep it art orientated, regardless. Her hobbies include listening to music, creating new art pieces, and competing in Track and Field. Tanyesha’s inspiration derives from “other people’s confidence and how they do not care about the opinions of others,” she says. “When I draw people, I draw my inspiration from the love they have for their bodies and the respect they hold for themselves.”

In this specific art piece, Tanyesha expresses how it “holds a lot of emotion” and how “anger and madness is not all dark colors.” She used oil palettes on sketchbook paper because she finds beauty in the idea of if you mess up, there is no erasing or going back, just “pure creativity in whatever you put on the paper.” This piece only took roughly 45 minutes, however, with her body and self-portraits, it can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

“I am definitely a perfectionist and get mad when a piece doesn’t go my way,” she says. “When it comes to expressing emotions from colors, I often overthink the process and what I am feeling; I like to put everything out there and make sure what I am displaying to the world is genuinely me and how I am feeling.”

Tanyesha focuses more on drawing people and nature, but when it comes to commission work, she often prefers drawing people and nudity because “it expresses vulnerability and the beauty of the human body.” Her go-to choice of medium is pencil and pen, however, is willing to do whatever the client wishes upon request. Her longest piece consisted of a stippled flower on a ceiling tile, which took her about 4 months to finish. She likes to thoroughly take her time with every piece, whether it is for commission or not.

“A big reason why I enjoy making art is because there is always a deeper meaning to every piece I make,” she exclaims. “With cray pods, I can let loose and express a lot of emotion, but with nudity, I can focus more on women’s inner strength and confidence within their body; I enjoy showing the world how powerful a woman can be.”

When asked if Tanyesha had any advice for artists who are too insecure to share their art with the world, she expressed that, “it’s okay to put yourself out there because it’s scary, but once you realize that there is always at least one person who likes your work, you start to feel more comfortable and confident in your art. If you feel like your work doesn’t impact people, then you’re wrong because it impacts more people than you think.”

To check out more of Tanyesha’s work, you can visit her Instagram @taneyyasha or email her for commission work at If you, or anyone else, wants to be featured in our next Student Spotlight piece, email Fiat Lux Secretary Kailey Reyes to be presented!

By Kailey Reyes


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