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For our first Student Spotlight, we have Sophomore Ryan Pye. Ryan is a Business major with an interest in Film Studies as a minor, hoping to do something with film studies and production after graduation. His favorite hobbies are writing and producing his own music, which he has been doing since high school in 2017. He decided to take his music more seriously once arriving at college in 2019 because he felt there was more opportunity given, such as creative song ideas and the chance to get inspired. His inspiration comes from his past but more so life experiences in general. Ryan stated, “Life is always changing, so there is always a song to be written to capture those moments, good or bad.”

When Ryan goes home to NYC, he spends about 5 hours producing his music in the studio. Although he only has a few songs released through both Apple Music and Spotify, he has over 30 others that are waiting to be released. He draws motivation and song inspiration from the artist The Weeknd because his music makes him feel soulful and he relates to his lyrics. One day, Ryan hopes to collaborate with The Weeknd and have his music reach a broader audience.

When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, Ryan said, “music will continue to be my hobby and something I am passionate about,” along with the hopes of having music videos released and more albums written. He decided not to major or minor in music because he doesn’t want his music to die out or become something of a chore, because at the end of the day, music is a hobby and therapeutic to him, he doesn’t want to risk feeling “bored” or “drained” from studying it academically.

One of Ryan’s favorite songs written is “Nightmares.” He said it “relates to everyday life, no matter what the circumstances are - anyone can relate to it.” Some of his most cherished lines ever written come from this song, giving lots of emotion towards trust, relationships, and the value of hard work. Ryan quoted that, “this song will always hold importance to [him] because it was a time in [his] life where [he] felt the most inspired to write music.”

For anyone afraid or insecure of writing music or sharing it to the world, Ryan gives the advice of “always stay true to yourself and never be afraid of judgement because that’s how you grow” ... “there will always be someone out there who appreciates your music, whether that’s two people out of ten, do it for those two people because then there’s purpose – you must start somewhere to grow.”

You can check out Ryan’s music on both Spotify and Apple Music, along with staying up to date on any new songs or music videos released. If you or anyone you know has a hidden talent, passion, skill or anything you’d like to share with the world, please reach out to Fiat Lux News Secretary, Kailey Reyes, to be featured in her ongoing series “Student Spotlight!”

By Kailey Reyes

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