Student Profile: Raeqwon Greer

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

As expressed by William Shakespeare, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Raeqwon Greer has a story that attests to all three. Greer was born into a single-parent household to a mother that was just thirteen-years-old. After giving birth, she was ultimately forced to move out on her own and fend for herself and her child. Greer described his relationship with his mother as a partnership. To him, she is a superhero that has taught him most of what he knows.

For the majority of RaeQwon’s life, he has resided in Buffalo, New York. Buffalo can be a challenging place to live. Being impoverished isn’t something to glorify, yet when you excel, it feels like a dream. Greer is a first-generation college student that’s done nothing but persevere.

When asked what values come from football Greer answered, “When a person plays football they should always gain. What I get from the game is a sense of structure as well as discipline.”

Beginning tackle football at an early age is ideal in the area that Greer grew up in. Being a star at five years old is slightly unordinary. He played running back and linebacker for the youth football Buffalo Wolverines. He was known city-wide for his big hits and playmaking ability. His team won the championship in three-peat fashion in his last three seasons. The winning continued into high school where he would go on to attend New York state powerhouse Canisius High. Weighing in at about 100 pounds he played freshman football and won the championship. The following season, he had a minimal contribution, yet won a state championship at the varsity level. Heading into his junior football season he weighed in around 185 pounds, ready for action. He finished the season off with 33 tackles at cornerback and had a mediocre 8-3 season. 

Greer began his senior season at 220 pounds. He was a captain on a very good football team and he understood what stood in the distance. “I knew I had a chance to be a part of something special and win it all,” said Greer about taking responsibility for his team’s success.

He was then given the opportunity to grow his legend in a single season. Canisius finished the year 10-2 and won a state championship. Greer was a staple on both sides of the football and played a pivotal role in the season. From cornerback, Raeqwon had 58 total tackles, four interceptions, and a forced fumble. In the last four games alone including the championship, he had 511 all-purpose yards to go along with six touchdowns. Greer earned MVP of the league championship game and the state championship game. He also earned second-team All-Western NY for running back.

The transition from being a senior in high school to being a freshman attending Alfred University was swift. He would change from cornerback to strong safety, due to his versatile style of play. Not a starter from day one, but destined to be, Greer picked up the starting spot just before the season’s first game. In a system that’s stimulating and challenging it’s very seldom that freshmen start. Greer made a plethora of plays and earned all-league honors year one. When asked about the mental aspect of the game he responded with the following:

“The mental aspect of the game is 60%. You can be as fast and as strong as you want, but if you do not have a diverse mindset you’ll be thrown off easily. Personally, I never want to lose. I hate letting people down. As far as my brothers and my coaches, that goes with my values of family first”.

Greer may put others before himself, but he is greedy on the field. In his junior season he had 93 tackles, ranked 12th nationally at his position. Greer was also the Defensive Player of the Year I named all ECAC. After his senior season was canceled the grind never stopped. He chose to prepare for classes and continue to lift and train, maintaining great mental and physical strength.

The Alfred University program plans to play a 5 game season in the Spring of ‘21.

By Jamall Lewis


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