Squid Games review

“Squid Game,” became a hot topic on social media after Facebook and Twitter users began raving about it just a few days after its release on September17.

Squid Game, the new Netflix original, is an action-packed Korean drama with a fictional story that can be compared to “The Hunger Games.” Rich people sit back and watch the poor fight for their lives. Characters trying to escape financial debt enter a competition playing children’s games for a chance to win money. Losing has deadly consequences; they need to win to survive.

“Squid Game”works as a critique of society’s relationship with money. It exposes the ridiculousness of it all. Those who have money run the world and those who don’t have it are desperate to get it. Why else would 456 adults willingly sign up to play games like “red light green light” or “tug-of-war?” Even after they found out what it meant to be “eliminated,” most of the participants continued to play the games. They put their lives at risk for money that wasn’t guaranteed but recognized that things wouldn’t be much different in the outside world either. It discreetly represents the deeper issues within our society.

“Squid Game” is a compelling story because the main characters and their motivations are easy for viewers to connect with. The protagonist, Seong Gi-hun, faces financial ruin because of multiple failed businesses and a gambling problem. He wants to be a better father and son but has trouble supporting his daughter and mom. As the show progresses, we find that he is a very caring person. He makes friends with the players who are at a disadvantage and looks after them.

Kang Sae-byeok is a fan favorite. This character is a young North Korean defector who escapes to South Korea with her younger brother. They lose their father and get separated from their mother in the process. In the beginning, she is reserved so that she can focus on winning the games to get the money to reunite her family. However, as the show progresses and her character develops, she opens up to the other characters in the game and we learn how caring she is as well.

For a show to be a streaming success, it needs to be binge worthy. “Squid Game” definitely hits the mark on this. With nine episodes and most being a little under an hour, it’s something that people can finish in one sitting. The cliff hangers at the end of each episode make you want to immediately watch the next. The show also has many plot twists that keep viewers engaged until the very end. It leaves off with an open ending, making viewers want more and setting up for the second season.

“Squid Game” offers a lot for viewers to enjoy. It has likeable characters that we can sympathize with and relate to. The plot always keeps you guessing and contains a deeper meaning. Even Netflix’s co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, said that “Squid Game” could become their “biggest show ever.” It’s a show that I would recommend everyone to watch!

By: Karisma Patrick


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