Remembering Jarvis Alexander

On Wednesday, September 23rd, a number of Alfred University students and faculty gathered around the King Alfred Statue in remembrance of their fellow Saxon, Jarvis Alexander (‘23) who passed away in a shooting that occurred in Rochester, NY on September 19, 2020.

“[Jarvis] wouldn’t want anyone to cry today,” said a friend of the 19-year-old track and field athlete. They stated that Alexander was a happy person, always putting smiles on the faces of others and he would want to be celebrated in a joyful way.

Among the students were President Zupan, members of the Wellness Center, and Alexander’s close friends who openly spoke about their friend and what he meant to them. Each person in attendance received a candle to light during the ceremony, music was played, and flowers were placed among a support poster which was placed for anyone to sign who wished to write a note to Alexander’s family. There was also a table set up which held some of Alexander’s favorite snacks, these included Slim Jim’s and fruit snacks.

A last request came from a friend of Alexander’s who informed the crowd that October 6th is Alexander’s birthday. Alfred University students and faculty were asked to wear the color orange in remembrance of their fellow classmate as it was his favorite color.

By Krystina Gauer


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