Recycle Now or Die

The earth is quickly deteriorating and America is simply not doing enough to slow it down. America as a country can’t solve this problem by itself. It begins with the states, counties, and towns across America. While spending my time in college at Alfred, I can’t help but notice the lack of recycling in this area.

I am from Grand Island, New York. At home, recycling is just a part of our day to day lives. We don’t view recycling as a task or going above and beyond. Recycling was introduced to me when I was in kindergarten, my family and those around me have always done it.

I feel the recycling efforts in Alfred are not where they should be. After reading Tallula Torthe’s article What Happens in Alfred Doesn’t Stay In Alfred, I believe we as a community could do more. Everyone across America has been made aware of the benefits of recycling. In many places across the country, such as California, recycling isn’t even an option, it is required. I believe recycling should be made mandatory. The simple task of separating items when throwing them away makes an enormous impact on saving our earth and protecting the environment. I feel as though everyone should hold others accountable for recycling.

As Talulla said in her article, as an Alfred University student, the only thing you can do to help is reducing how much plastic you buy. A common purchase among a lot of college students is plastic water bottles. Since the tap water in Alfred is not what students would like to drink, and filter systems are expensive, plastic water bottles seem very convenient. In reality, they are a more expensive investment than getting a filtering system. I am advising students to stop buying plastic water bottles. Why? If we don’t know exactly where our recycling ends up, then avoiding plastic water bottles would be a small change that makes a huge difference.

For students who do not have access to transportation, it can be tough to make responsible choices when it comes to recycling. I am proposing an on-campus bottle redemption center. Students could return bottles for small returns of money. This would make recycling much easier to practice on a normal basis. Students will be more likely to use this service if it’s on campus. It is a better alternative to throwing away their bottles and cans. Ultimately helping the environment, and picking up on the lack of recycling we as a community and as students do.

By Frank DePalma


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