Nothing to Be Done

By So-so Jackson

Trigger: Reference to Mental Health & Suicide

They told me that nothing can,

Will, or is to be done.

However I stand here defiant at the bottom screaming against the wind.

My lungs burn yet I don’t feel breathless

Eyes are concrete heavy yet I’m not tired

Thighs are snapped

Ankles are swollen

Knees are stiff

Calves are shot

Yet still I wanna take another step.

Sweat cascades my brow but I’m a cool Breeze that can’t be broken My heart drums out in rapid time

Alas I’ve never felt more serene in this Moment.

“You can’t do it!

Stop you’re not gonna make it

It’s pointless

Why bother

You’re nothing”

That’s what they’ll say.

That’s what the demons will whisper

What the haters will write

What the non-believers will believe

Alas let me tell you what I see:

“You CAN do it

You WILL make it

There IS a point to it all

Please DO bother


We as ourselves judge ourselves

The harshest

We as ourselves need to love ourselves the mostest

I know it’s hard to face that mirror

I get it’s hard to wanna rise from that bed

I see it’s hard to wanna continue to struggle

However I implore you

It’s worth it in the end

Not the end where you throw in the towel Not the end where you call out early

I know that end is tempting

I almost chose that ending myself

Alas yet here I stand

I want you to stand with me

I don’t care about your flaws

I want you to stand with me

I don’t give a crap about your mistakes I want you to stand with me

I don’t mind that you’re broken


I’m not claiming I ll fix you

That isn’t my job

You don’t even need to be fixed

Because YOU are in-fact enough

I’m not here to give you salvation

This ain’t about religion or philosophy

Having faith in yourself is a crucial step tho

Because YOU are a miracle in the making

I’m not here to save you

I can’t be your Superman

You’ve had the power inside you all along

Because YOU are your own Superhero

So yeah they told us there is nothing to be done

Yet here we now boldly stand

At the bottom no longer

Our strength linked together hand in hand We’ve come a long way

And we still got more to do

However let us fight

Let us live

For the ending that is rightfully ours

Don’t give up

Don’t look down for long

Instead look up

As the sun washes over our faces And a new day brings about a Triumphant






Loving Song


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