In the Woods

I had been walking with my friends

In the woods beyond our campus

When I became inexplicably lost.

I could not see the path ahead trod by my friends,

Nor could the path behind give any indication it was my origin.

The trees seemed to shift position in the wind,

The roots drawing closer to my person,

As I was left trying to decipher landmarks

With one foot in front of the other

In a sort of trance-like march

Hoping to some divine being that I would be found.

Appearing from the brush,

In a deer’s body,

With branching horns,

Wrapped in creeping ivy and blossom,

The divine being answered.

Its eyes were deep and human,

With an immortal understanding,

And I felt a kindred recollection of the being,

As if I had seen it once before.

“You are not lost,”

It had said, drawing closer as the roots,

“You are found.”

By Sam Sage


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