Improving Alfred University (Part 1)

Spring Semester 2022 marks the two-year COVID crisis for Alfred University. Starting in March of 2020, where the university decided to send students home for safety, and then developing into the protocol-heavy semester of Fall 2020. Not only did the challenges make it hard for students to call Alfred their home, some decided to never come back at all. A lot of needs were not met, social life was falling short, and newer students were struggling to enjoy the choice they made.

Fast forwarding to Spring of 2022, the school has found ways to push through all the protocols and revive the atmosphere of Alfred University. Despite COVID, the amenities presented by the school have started to become accessible for all students to enjoy. From the Students Activity Center (SAB) to the Art Workshops available on Main Street, (located next to Terra Cotta Coffee House), the student body has started to awaken again. Events are being held weekly, spanning from paint and sip, to game nights hosted by the students themselves.

Although COVID is still a pressing issue for us, trying to work and play around it can be just as important as avoiding COVID itself. Mark Zupan has made it clear his intentions are to revive the campus.

With his course taught by both him and Professor Gaustad, ‘Improving Alfred University’, the president asks the students a question: What can we do to improve Alfred University? Guest speakers, like Nadine Shalow, present their pitches; More outdoor space for gatherings, and other projects like a garden to replace the recently destructed South Hall.

Currently, with spring break closing in, the students are told to pick their projects and gather their teams. By the end of the Spring 2022 semester these projects can lead to the next step to improving Alfred University!

By Isa Hamilton


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