Horror Films for Non-Horror Fans

It’s spooky season and that means horror films. The only problem is that some of us don’t enjoy horror for numerous reasons. However, the genre is very broad and has a lot to offer.

Trick R’ Treat:

Get into the spirit of Halloween with Trick R’ Treat. This film is a series of interwoven stories that occur in the fictional town of Warren Valley, Ohio. It’s funny, thrilling, and somewhat scary. However, it’s harmless fun that pays homage to the horror genre and the Halloween tradition of trick or treating.


Midsommar is a 2019 folk horror film by director Ari Aster and it’s not that scary. There are some unsettling scenes but for the most part, it's pretty much a drama. The main character struggles with grief while on a trip with her friends to an idyllic Swedish commune. Crazy things ensue.

Alternate pick: The Lighthouse

Get Out:

Maybe you’re in the mood for something with a message. Get Out explores the black experience and the constant anxiety that comes with it. The gradual tensions that build to a very unsettling revelation makes the horror more atmospheric. It’s a testament to what this genre has to offer.

Alternate pick: Us

The Thing:

A research team in Antarctica is terrorized by a shapeshifting alien. Fair warning, the monster is revolting but only appears a handful of times. What makes this film astonishing is how it explores the fear of the unknown, a concept that goes far beyond the monster to what makes us human.

Alternate pick: Alien

What We Do In The Shadows:

What if you don’t want to be scared at all? Well, that’s where horror comedy comes in. What We Do In The Shadows follows four vampires who live together in an old house and their daily lives in the 21st century.

Alternate pick: Gremlins

By Alpha Bah


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