H20 Soup Bowl

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

On the 14th of November, the H20 Soup Bowl took place to raise money to build a fresh water well in Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico. With a community of about 280 people, Buenos Aires’ water supply was damaged and remains so due to Hurricane Maria in September of 2017. With the help of non-profit RCAP Solutions, a company since 1969, they are helping communities in need of clean water. Their goal is to raise a total of $10,000 for the cause; the soup bowl raised a total of $672.

Photograph by Jodi Shephard

“My FYE class, called The Water Planet is spearheading the fund raising, but various groups are helping by putting on or organizing events,” said Dr. Michele Hluchy.

Other groups that are actively helping to raise the money include Professor Cote’s Writing I class, Professor Kautzman’s Latin American Culture and Literature I class, and Dr. Sluyter-Beltran’s, Dr. Porter’s, and Dr. Cate’s FYE classes. The Caribbean Students Association, Poder Latino, and Union University Church are clubs that are also involved with the fundraiser. The Alfred Clay Collective asked for volunteers earlier in the week and people of all experiences were hard at work creating the bowls for this event. These bowls were the basis of this fundraising event.

“Alfred Clay Collective donated the bowls. They threw, fired, glazed, and delivered the bowls,” said Kautzman.

Needless to say, many groups and individuals are working hard to earn the goal for this fundraiser. Specific students involved in this event include Carter Adams, Carlota Biggs-Rubio, Lissette Portes, Andrew Carrillo Macias, Danasia Robinson, Joselyann Vazquez, Peter Iyayi, and Jermaine Haynes. The bowls were being sold for $10 each and you could have as much soup as you wanted or you could have bought a $5 disposable bowl and still gotten some soup. Faculty that donated food to this event include Amy Button, Sarah Cote, John D’Angelo, Cheryld Emmons, Nancy Furlong, Michele Hluchy, Kerry Kautzman, Elizabeth Matson, Susan Morehouse, Nicole Munkwitz, and Mallory Szymanski.

“The Water Planet class has raised money for water—related charities for the past couple of years; $15,000 to install a well in Haiti and $11,000 to install running water in homes on the Navajo Reservation [in Arizona],” said Hluchy.

This year, they plan to continue their efforts through several more events, on the 18th of November, they held a bread baking class and another class held a Polar Plunge at Foster Lake on the 24th. They also have been having bakes sales weekly since September 5th. They are currently planning to continue to raise money into the spring semester and are looking for additional groups to sponsor events as well.

By Jodi Shephard


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