Graduating Senior: Katie Alley

I will be graduating as an AU Scholar next month with my Bachelors of Fine Arts and a minor in marketing. I have been involved with Fiat Lux News since the fall of my sophomore year, both writing articles and managing advertisements. I was also Treasurer for some time and helped with distribution of hard copy in the past.

The Fiat Lux allowed me to pursue my interest in writing outside of my classes. I learned everything I know about formal news-writing here. At the same time, taking up the Advertisement Manager role allowed me to build some basic marketing experience for myself. Attending newsroom meetings was also a great way to learn about happenings around campus that I would not have known about otherwise. I am grateful that I will be able to read the Fiat Lux online after I leave Alfred.

After graduation, I will be sailing with my dad and two others to Bermuda on our 35 ft sailboat--a cruise we’ve had planned since before I started college! Following the trip, I will be crewing on a 67 ft sailboat in Watkins Glen, NY and hopefully moving to the Ithaca, NY area.


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