We came from different towns

Different states

Different countries

We grew with different friends

Different toys

Different parents

Some of us imagined spaceships

Some of us played princesses

Some of us bullied kids on the playground

Despite all we went through

All the scars we can’t get rid of

All the mistakes we can’t take back

We ended up here

Making our own choices

Making the best of what we have

We grew up to fast

And time won’t stop for us

It won’t stop for nothing

It moves so quick some might get left behind

Some might never feel like they belong

Some might get lost along the way

But for now we’re all the same

We’re all trying to find our place

We’re all grown up now

We came from different places

We grew up in different ways

We all ended up here

Brand new freshmen

Without a place in the world

The college class of 2025

By Cameron Etayo


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