Do You See AU Pagans in Your Future?

A new club has just begun within the few remaining days of February. This club, created by Ray Chatto and Levi Samperi, is meant to be a safe space for people to learn and socialize with each other. Chatto had noticed that there were several clubs for Abrahamic religions and wanted to make something for Paganism.

Chatto defines Paganism as, “a practice of belief system that includes the worship of multiple deities, or none at all, depending on what you believe in.”

One of the most associated traditions or religions of Paganism is Wicca, which is, according to Chatto, known for worshipping nature and the self. However, there are many different traditions and religions, and all discussions relating them to the core of Paganism are highly encouraged by the club.

Regarding their goal for the club, Chatto said, “My goal here is to educate people who wish to learn about the lesser-known religions and belief systems of the world, or to feel free to teach others what they know.”

As president, they want to encourage club members to come together over similar interests. Members are encouraged to join whether they know everything, nothing, or something about Paganism—even those uncomfortable with the idea of Paganism. Chatto believes that if everyone is kind and open-minded, anyone is welcome. There may be controversial topics brought up at meetings, but he emphasizes that the club is a safe space meant for education and camaraderie.

When asked about planned club activities, Chatto and Samperi want to, not only learn about different belief systems but, include activities such as learning to read tarot cards and making spell jars. They also encourage members to bring in ideas for activities that might be from other religions, as long as they are respectful and willing to teach and learn. Chatto hopes that, in the next few years, they can plan a trip where members can use their knowledge and experience. However, he hasn’t settled on somewhere yet and is open to ideas.

While there has, as of yet, been no meeting for the club, Chatto will be sending out emails to interested members to make sure that the timing for meetings works for the majority of the club.

“Please email me at and I will add you to the email list. You will get all of the updates I will provide,” said Chatto.

They also encourage students to check out their page and constitution on AU Connect. They also have an Instagram account at @aupagans.

“I hope to see all sorts of new faces at our upcoming meetings where we can teach each other and learn a little!”

By Sam Sage


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