Come Share Your Stories With Us

AU's English Division is happy to announce this year's Alfred Literary Festival.

From March 19 to 21, the festival brings two visiting writers to Alfred. The poet, Tiffany Midge and the fiction writer, Katey Schultz will join faculty, students, and local community members for a three-day event that will hopefully be accompanied by better weather than last time.

Katey Schultz is a fiction writer living in North Carolina who last year published her novel, Still Come Home. Professor Susan Morehouse’s fiction/non-fiction writing class made use of Flashes of War, Schultz's earlier collection of flash fiction. There is an undoubtable sheer authenticity in Schultz's work. Her fiction is an intense exercise in research, capturing stressful snap-shots that end up lifting a weight off of the reader’s mind.

She also offers a wide selection of online mentoring programs that have rave reviews from their participants. Her monthly emails keep her students engaged with prompts and reminders that writing should be fun. Students should keep in mind that APEX funds could be an option for one of her longer programs. Katey’s excited to meet new writing friends and can also answer any other questions during the festival.

The festival will include readings from both writers on the evenings of Thursday, March 19 and Friday, March 20 inside Scholes Library. Each writer will also simultaneously host an open workshop on the morning of Saturday, March 21 on the second floor of Seidlin Hall. Later on Saturday, in the Alumni Lounge in Powell Student Center, the festival will conclude with an informal round-table discussion where students, visitors and faculty talk craft, make connections, and reinvigorate a writing community. Professor Susan Morehouse describes it as, “a comfortable and welcoming place where we like to seriously pretend.”

The English Division would especially like to invite any students or residents who have an interest in writing to join our writing community. Whether it's discussing your own work and practice or going on and on about your favorite books or poems, the Alfred Literary Festival has a spot for you to let it out. Stay tuned to AUConnect for more information and times for each event. The next issue of the Fiat Lux will contain an article about visiting poet Tiffany Midge.

By Andrew Wiechert


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