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Updated: Sep 15, 2020

AU's English Division would like to remind once again about the upcoming Alfred Literary Festival, or “Alf” for short. In last issue's article, we introduced Katey Schultz, one of our visiting writers. During the festival, Schultz will run a workshop geared towards short fiction writing alongside our other visiting writer, Tiffany Midge.

Tiffany Midge is a poet whose work seems to navigate the dual-nature of Native-American identity in today's world. She's just published a memoir, Bury My Heart at Chuck E. Cheese's this past year, which traverses feminism, Standing Rock, and the current administration. Her most recent collection of poetry from 2017, The Woman Who Married A Bear was awarded a Kenyon Review Earthworks Prize for Indigenous Poetry, as well as a National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's Western Heritage Award for Poetry Book.

The Literary Festival welcomes any and all who have an interest in poetry. You may like to sit and listen, or you might have a few stanzas lying around, marinating in your journal. Everyone is welcome to share their work in a judgement-free environment, and Midge will also be holding a poetry workshop next-door to Katey Schultz. Both workshops are open to all visitors, and various snacks and food will be served throughout.

In case you missed it from the last issue, the Alfred Literary Festival begins on the evening of Thursday, March 19 with a reading from Katey Schultz. On Friday, March 20 There will be a reading from Tiffany Midge. Both readings will take place inside Scholes Library. Each writer will also simultaneously host an open workshop on the morning of Saturday, March 21 on the second floor of Seidlin Hall. Later on Saturday, in the Alumni Lounge at Powell Student Center, the festival will conclude with an informal round-table discussion where students, visitors and faculty talk craft, make connections, and reinvigorate a writing community. We hope to see you there!

By Andrew Wiechert


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