Blue Lives Do Not Matter

Given the recent uproar in the Black Lives Matter movement, some people who share a more conservative view have created a comeback to the movement that combats racially targeted police brutality. This comeback is “Blue Lives Matter” which is a message to protect police officers from so-called dangerous unarmed black citizens. This was also created in retaliation to Black Lives Matter protesters who advocate defunding the police.

Saying Blue Lives Matter is often justified by stating that police officers are too often killed in their line of work, which is a valid statement. But -- they have chosen that line of work. Innocent black people do not choose to be killed in the hands of racially targeted police brutality, which is why people say Black Lives Matter. Saying Blue Lives Matter in retaliation to Black Lives Matter is not only disrespectful to the movement whose aim is to end racial injustice, but disrespectful to those who have died in the hands of racist police officers in a racist system.

To summarize, Blue Lives Matter is inaccurate for several reasons. The main one being that it is not a blue life, it is a blue shirt. A blue shirt in which it can be taken off after a work average forty hours a week. Breonna Taylor could not peel off her skin to make it safer for her to sleep in her own home and not be murdered by Louisville police. Blue Lives Do Not Matter, Blue Lives are not real. Police officers are not being killed just for being police officers. Goerge Floyd was killed because he was a black man.

No Justice, No Peace.

By Jeanni Floyd


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