Are You Alone in Your Room?

Last spring semester, the Honors seminar A Dark and Stormy Night created a short story anthology that strikes a little too close to home.

The anthology is called “The Alfred Book of Ghastly Tales: Volume Two”, edited by sophomore Monica Nowik, and published by Dr. Allen Grove. The book is a sequel for all intents and purposes but is a satisfying solitary read for anyone interested. Written by professors and students, the stories range from science projects to heartbreaking realizations—all the while shadowed by the looming presence of the ghosts of Alfred.

“My hope is that ‘The Alfred Book of Ghastly Tales: Volume Two’ will not only inspire fear within the reader but that it will forge a more secure connection between the individual and the Alfred community,” says Nowik, “We have been telling stories around the fire for generations; we shy away from the shadows to draw closer to that communal flame.”

At 206 pages, there’s something for everyone. Featuring photographs taken around the village, and campus, it’s hard not to feel a little unnerved that some of these stories are based on Alfred’s strange (yet true) history.

By: Sam Sage


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