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Alfred’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association – or more colloquially known as AMA or Marketing Club – is keeping busy this semester with a couple of different projects in the works and events planned.

AMA is designing silkscreens for original facemasks, curating its own magazine and hosting speakers on a monthly basis. President Josh Engelhardt, a senior art and design student, hopes that the club will offer practical knowledge and skills to students.

“Our main goal is to help students gain experience and build their resume,” Engelhardt said.

The new magazine, which is the biggest project currently underway, will be unlike any other publication on the Alfred University campus. With feature articles on business trends and interviews with people of interest to the Alfred community, the magazine’s content will appeal to multiple audiences. The content will also have a strong focus on artwork.

“AMA’s magazine aims for a fresh perspective through its visual and analytical content. Informational pieces are honed in on the words of design, business, and entertainment, and every issue overflows with artwork, including handmade prints with every copy. Anyone in AMA can contribute to its periodical,” said Engelhardt.

However, acquiring the magazine when its first issue is released in a couple of weeks may not be as straightforward as walking up to a newsstand and picking it up.

“While free, our issues will maintain exclusivity through drops not unlike CJ Hendry’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ along with printing in limited runs. Stay tuned in to our Instagram @alfreduama to get yours,” Engelhardt said. (CJ Hendry is an artist who randomly places free boxes of her printed T-shirts around major cities and leaves hints as to where they are on her Instagram story.)

AMA is looking to build its membership and welcomes students from any school or major.

“For business and art students alike, AMA provides an opportunity to learn from marketing experts, fill a commercial portfolio, and collaborate on resume-building projects,” Engelhardt said.

Additionally, AMA is available to help students in other clubs and organizations with any marketing-related endeavors, including advertising events and designing posters or logos.

“AMA seeks to elevate our university by helping the presentation and promotions of other groups on campus. We also want to help bring the visions of our members and clients to fruition in their best form,” said Engelhardt.

The best way to contact AMA with any inquiries is through Instagram @alfreduama or by email at

By Katie Alley

AMA’s logo by Josh Engelhardt


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