All Lives Can’t Matter Unless Black Lives Do

All Lives Matter is the counter-argument against Black Lives Matter, the movement against violence directed towards black lives. The statement itself proves that all lives do not matter. The purpose of BLM is to point out the mistreatment of black people and how often their lives

are not equal to those that aren’t black. It’s not taking away the value of anyone else, only trying to uplift black lives. Basically, when someone says, “All Lives Matter”, they really mean, “Who cares?”

Saying it ignores the problem

When you think and look at how everyone is treated compared to black people, it’s hard to stand by All Lives Matter. The existence of organizations led by white supremacists like the KKK (which are still active today) is proof that black lives are far less valued than other lives. Telling a black person that all lives matter as a rebuttal to black lives matter can be another way of trying to erase the tragic history of black people and covering it up by trying to sound thoughtful.

To say that black lives matter is not to say that other lives do not. Indeed, it’s quite the reverse—it’s to recognize that all lives do matter, and to acknowledge that African Americans are often targeted unfairly.

The disadvantage in the system

Black lives have a disadvantage within the system. Minorities in general do not have the same advantage when it comes to things like education. Edbuild writes that “Even after accounting for wealth disparities, the United States invests significantly more money to educate children in white communities.”

There is a 23 billion-dollar gap between the educational funding given to white school districts versus non-white despite serving the same number of children. If all lives mattered this wouldn’t be a problem. This is the meaning of BLM. Why should white people get more funding and more attention than black people? Black people deserve the same chances with education as white people, and that’s what Black Lives Matter means.

Say their names

Saying the names of victims of racialized police brutality out loud highlights the many lives of black individuals that have had their lives taken unjustly. Just to show how often it happens, here are the names of people whose lives were recently taken at the hands of police brutality:

George Flloyd MAY 25 2020 Killed by a police officer for allegedly trying to use a counterfeit 20 dollar bill.

Dijon Kizzee AUGUST 31, 2020 was shot and killed by a police officer during protesting.

Breonna Taylor MARCH 13, 2020 was shot and killed while sleeping in her home.

Damien Daniels AUGUST 25, 2020 was killed by 3 police officers after a call concerning his mental health.

Anthony McClain AUGUST 15, 2020 was shot and killed by police officers during a traffic light search.

Julian Lewis AUGUST 7 2020 was killed by a state trooper while driving.

Rayshard Brooks JUNE 12 2020 was killed after a complaint that he was sleeping in his car.

Barry Gedeus MARCH 8 2020 was killed while riding his bike.

These names are only a small portion of the black lives taken from what was supposed to be protecting them. Unless black lives matter, all lives can’t.

By Isa Hamilton


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