Album Review: Solar Power

Lorde's newest album Solar Power might be my favorite work of hers. A lot say it isn’t as enjoyable but personally, I am in love with the album. The music is slower than her previous work, but it gives a completely different vibe than the others. Her emotions come from a more sun-filled area in her mind. Picture this: you are laying on the grass during a perfectly sunny day and the trees are blowing in the wind while you are at peace. It is such a serene sounding album that I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly call it boring.

“I think the album is really beautiful and her best and most honest songwriting yet. Lorde’s career thus far has involved critiquing the culture that she’s inevitably found herself in and I think she’s really upfront about that on Solar Power,” says Twitter user @desaf1o.

Lorde’s albums progress with her while she grows in age, starting at an angsty teenager writing Pure Heroine, I feel as though people expected her to stay in the same mindset her whole career. Although her first two albums had a darker theme and usual listeners would expect the next album to keep the vibe, I'm happy she changed it. We all know people hate change, especially when it comes to musical artists, but it represents her growth as a human being.

Article by Isa Hamilton

Illustrations by Leo Bonaccio


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