A Struggle No One Shares

Our society believes that a college education is the lynch pin into efficiency, productivity, and overall success. However, in the process of persuading high schoolers to follow their dreams and move into dorm halls, they begin to destroy their very prodigies.

Those who make it out of the college system, with a degree to hang on their wall, lament about their debts and warn, for posterity, that it’s a rough road to paying them off. What is never shared, however, is what it’s like during your time in the system.

Thousands of dollars in Cashnet statements threaten to upturn the very hope that many students, and college recruiters, come into higher education with. Holds, which automatically go to refraining you from registering for the next semester, cause many students to debate dropping out or transferring. This is a great thing for Alfred University’s retention rates.

The advent of bright-colored notices left in student mailboxes, telling them about an ASAP meeting with Student Aid, Student Accounts, color the mood of the students. Learning about having to spend thousands that they don’t have, in a short window, so that they can continue their studies, make enemies out of the staff and idiots out of the students. It’s rare to come out of those meetings optimistic.

It's a struggle no one shares, or that no one shares with faculty and staff. Students in lounges, dining halls, or work study, complain about how much they have to scrape up in order to scrape by. Lamenting about their parents, how they’re exasperated with everyone and everything.

“No one has that kind of money.”

As comfortable as students may get with their advisors, or other professors they have an affinity for, there are some things that seem taboo to speak about.

The question of, “What will my professor even do, if I mentioned it to them? What will they even say?”

At the end of the day, there’s nothing to be done, so there’s nothing to share.

By Sam Sage


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